Company Information

ANAND MACHINERY (I) PVT LTD is the sole distributor for DOWIN INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION for INDIA.DOWIN is a dedicated manufacturer of Hydraulic Demolition Equipment in KOREA.

DOWIN have been built up quite a good reputation by providing very reliable product and services to our customer with reasonable price and the finest after sale support in this business, recognized as one of the fastest growing company among which is specialized in Hydraulic Breaker design and manufacturing. DOWIN acquired Quality Management System certificate such as ISO 9001:14001, CE & GOST-R. The product and services from Anand Machinery is bridge between the customer's desire and Company's Product. Now a day, Anand Machinery is one of the largest selling Rock Breaker in India. It is a perfect bland of quality products, high profitability and optimum investment with the support of high qualified sales and service team with their great team work effort. We are proud of that our annual sales revenue of our major product, Hydraulic Rock Breaker, has been growing rapidly, more than 60% every year since 2006. Thanks to the reinforcement in sales and marketing activities focused on the emerging all States in India. Entering 2006, we are striving for the supply of the goods of better performance together with enhanced durability, which is now adding to the increase of the brand value of our organization. With the leading of technology and customer oriented corporate culture, we will continue to make the most effort to the No.1 Hydraulic Rock Breaker Company.

Our Benefits

1) Commitment
Our relentless commitment is to providing the highest in its class sales, service and support to our customers worldwide. We pride ourselves in consistently delivering premium equipment at the most competitive prices in the market.

2) Reliablity
With one of the lowest failure rates, Dowin provides the perfect partnership to Anand Machinery (I) Pvt. Ltd. to stand ground as the leading provider of durable, reliable and industry standards specific breakers to the Indian subcontinent. Commited and knowledgeable customer care executives -Anand Machinery (I) Pvt Ltd

3) Seamless Customer Support
It has always been our effort to provide premium equipment that is backed by ethical sales relationships and superior customer service.

4) Safety
Our products fit the grade of the highest caliber available in the industry and has gone through several tests to guarantee safety to both personnel and equipment.